President Director of BNI: Changing Mindset is needed in the Disruptive Era

[, 5/3/2019] Technological disruption is causing a shift from the industrial economy era to digital economy. The shift impacts change in every aspect, including the public habit to a company’s business model.

“For us to be able to adapt in the face of changes, what we need is a change in mindset,” stated the President Director of PT. Bank Negara Indonesia (BNI) Achmad Baiquni when he was giving a public lecture to hundreds of Universitas Padjadjaran students in Graha Sanusi Harjadinata Unpad, Dipati Ukur Street No. 35, Bandung, Tuesday (5/3)

Achmad explained the concept of SECU (Stable, Expected, Complex, and Understandable) and VUCA (Volatile, Unvertain, Complex, and Ambiguous). In the digital era, the concept of leadership should also be able to transform in VUCA.

According to Achmad, it’s not that SECU must absolutely be left behind, but harmonized. The most important thing is how to catch business opportunities well.

Explained by Achmad, in the digital era, one of the change in mindset that’s needed is accelerating action, sharpening intuition, simplicity, and working with data to validate truth in the problem, as well as open mindedness.

Achmad also emphasized how important collaboration is to maintain and improve business in the future. In a company, collaboration is also needed between the millennials and the baby boomers for the advancement of the company.

“Hopefully [it] can produce something positive for the company,” spoke Achmad.

Told by Achmad, BNI itself is transforming human capital architecture where a leader in BNI must have a leadership philosophy based on the principle of managing with one’s head and leading with one’s heart.

The public lecture was opened by Unpad Rector Prof. Tri Hanggono Achmad. In his welcoming speech, the Rector said that Unpad invited the president director of state owned enterprises as a way to form future leaders.

“That’s why from the beginning we get them used to interacting with leaders,” said the Rector.

The Rector also hopes that the lecture presented by these president directors’ will develop the students’ habit of collaborating and innovating. Aside of the public lecture, the students are also challenged to give input for the companies.

Other than the public lecture, at the opportunity a memorandum of understanding was also signed by Unpad and BNI about Tridharma Perguruan Tinggi as well as provision of banking services. The memorandum was signed by Unpad Rector Prof Tri Hanggono Achmad and the President Director of BNI, Achmad Baiquni.

There was also a symbolic handover of BNI’s CSR, educational facilities which will be used for the Accounting Doctorate Program in Faculty of Economics and Business.


Report by Artanti Hendriyana/am