Persib Legend Plays at Unpad Sport and Art Week

[, 6/9/2019] Enlivening the Sport and Art Week (Porseni), Universitas Padjadjaran invited Persib Legend football team to participate in a friendly match which was held in Jati Padjadjaran Stadium, Jatinangor on Wednesday (6/9).

Persib Legend player Yudi Guntara breaking into the goal of the Unpad All Stars team in a friendly match held at the Jati Padjadjaran Stadium, Jatinangor, Friday (6/9). (Photo: Arief Maulana) *

In the friendly match, which was part of the Unpad 62nd Dies Natalis celebration, Persib Legend team played against Unpad All Stars team. Prof. Dr. Rina Indiastuti, M.SIE., acting rector of Unpad, along with other leaders in the university, university staff, and students were in attendance.

“We must be grateful that the Sport and Art Week in celebration of Unpad’s 62nd anniversary went merry and enjoyable. Alhamdulillah in every match, the enthusiasm of was outstanding and the matches went without disturbances,” said the chairman of Unpad’s 62nd anniversary committee Prof. Muchtaridi.

Dr. Sc. Yoga Andriana Sendjaja, M.Sc., head of Sport and Art Week committee, said that the friendly match was held as part of closing events of the Sport and Art Week that started from Monday (26/8).

During the sport and art week, numerous sport and art competitions were held, which included football, volleyball, table tennis, badminton, vocal (solo and group), and band. 27 teams participated in the sport and art week. The teams came from representatives of each faculty in Unpad, also from directorates.

The friendly match between Persib Legend and Unpad All Stars went on for 90 minutes and was won by Persib Legend 3-0.

Besides the friendly match, on that day, the final match of the football tournament featuring the Faculty of Economics and Business against the University Unit Office was also held.

In the midst of the matches, Dr. Yoga also announced the winner of the vocal group, solo vocal, and band competition. The Faculty of Medicine came out as the first-place winner of the solo vocal competition, the Faculty of Art took second place, and the Faculty of Nursing took third place. The Faculty of Economic and Business won the vocal group competition, with the Faculty of Medicine in second place, and the Faculty of Law as the second runner up.

The band competition was won by the Faculty of Law with the Faculty of Medicine and the Faculty of Economics and Business taking second and third place respectively.

Report by Jaka Sukma Winarto/am

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