Nine Prospective Rector Candidates Invite Students to Work Together to Advance Unpad

[, 18/9/2019] Nine Prospective Rector Candidates of Universitas Padjadjaran presented their ideas in front of Universitas Padjadjaran students, Wednesday (9/18). The presentations were carried out in three locations, namely the Auditorium of the Faculty of Pharmacy, Multimedia Room of the Faculty of Agriculture, and Japanese Language Study Center (PSBJ) at the Faculty of Cultural Sciences Unpad.

In each location, the presentation was conducted in three sessions, each session had different candidates conducting his/her presentation. The presentation started with a session where the Prospective Candidate explained his/her strategies for ten minutes, followed by a question and answer session and a closing statement.

At the Faculty of Pharmacy, the sessions featured Prof. Arief Sjamsulaksan Kartasasmita, Prof. Dr. Reiza D. Dienaputra, M.Hum., dan Prof. Dr. Unang Supratman, M.Si. The three Prospective Rector Candidates explained their ideas to make Unpad superior and world-class. They also agreed to improve Unpad’s ranking at the national and international levels.

According to Prof. Unang, the main tool to increase Unpad’s rank, both nationally and internationally, is through research and innovation.

“Why does it have to be through research and innovation? Because if we do research and innovation which are good and excel, the impact is multilayer,” said Prof. Unang.

With great research and innovation, the perceived benefits will be seen in the improved quality of education and human resources. Therefore, a strong internal managerial is also needed where all Unpad elements need to be involved in it. All Unpad elements need to strengthen each other.

Meanwhile, in Prof. Reiza’s presentation, he also invited students to build a spirit of togetherness in increasing Unpad excellence. Good collaboration and communication need to be improved.

Prof. Reiza also emphasized the importance of respect between communicants and communicator. According to him, being a leader should not feel the most righteous and anti-criticism. On the other hand, those who express criticism must not feel like the most righteous people. Unpad family synergy needs to be maintained for the sake of Unpad excellence.

“I really hope that students can become critics to a better Unpad,” said Prof. Reiza to the students.

On this occasion, Prof. Arief said that the quality of Unpad should not only be seen from the outside, but also from the inside. Students also need to feel the improvement in the quality of Unpad and feel happy studying at Unpad.

Prof. Arief also invited students to be critical and enthusiastic to voice their interests. Whoever the Rector elect is, it is hoped that students will also give their support.

“I believe if we walk together wherever we are, we will be able to achieve our goals,” said Prof. Arief.

Meanwhile, at PSBJ Faculty of Cultural Sciences Unpad, the first session featured the presentation by Prof. Dr. Hendarmawan, M.Sc., Dr. Keri Lestari, M.Si., Apt., and Prof. Dr. Rina Indiastuti, M.SIE.

In his presentation, Prof. Hendarmawan pointed out that each Unpad component must mutually trigger positive changes for the sake of Unpad’s improvement. Thus, he was focusing on strengthening the togetherness of the academic community, alumni, and also society. “A leader has to be the provocateur to step in on improving Unpad. We need to work together so the big challenges can be solved easily,” said Prof. Hendarmawan.

Next, Dr. Keri Lestari said, diversity and togetherness are the keys to solving problems. She also has the idea to implement participatory management in designing policies.

“Let’s sit together to make the system. What I will do later is participatory management, because Unpad is ours,” she said shortly.

In the meantime, Prof. Rina emphasized that Unpad must provide benefits to society and also be one of the 500 best universities in the world.

“Together we make Unpad advanced to the world-class, adaptive and collaborative, supporting the creative space of students and giving positive input to Unpad,” said Prof. Rina.

At Faculty of Agriculture, the presentation was filled byProf. Dr. Sri Mulyani, Ak., CA., Dr. Toni Toharudin, M.Sc., dan Dr. Arry Bainus, M.A. Like six other Prospective Rector, the three candidates agreed to encouraged togetherness in improving Unpad.

“We have to live in harmony to bring Unpad progress,” said Dr. Arry in his presentation.

Dr. Arry said this harmony is expected to make Unpad a superior entrepreneurial university in the world-class education and research fields and contribute to society in 2024.

Besides togetherness, Dr. Toni said that innovation must be strengthened by Unpad to be able to one of the 500 world’s best universities in 2024. He considered Unpad must be adaptive to the digital ecosystem. This must be realized by the academic community and education staff.

“Let’s build Unpad together for the welfare of Unpad,” said Dr. Toni.

Meanwhile, Prof. Sri encouraged the Unpad civitas academia to be in tune with the Sundanese philosophy. “Let us build together into one unit that is synergized in the philosophy of West Java culture silih asah, silih asuh, and silih asih, between the academic community and alumni towards Unpad World Class University,” said Prof. Sri. *

Reported by Artanti Hendriyana, Dimas Rifky Anggriawan, Rana Aushaf/am

Photos by Arief Maulana, Dadan Triawan, Dimas Rifky Anggriawan, Rana Aushaf

Translated by Agnes Johana Reysca

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