Nine Participants in 2019-2024 Unpad Rectoral Election Sign a Joint Commitment

[, 2/9/2019] Nine participants in the 2019-2024 Universitas Padjadjaran Rectoral Election process signed a joint commitment regarding the realization of the rector candidate election as part of the 2019-2024 Unpad Rectoral Election process.

Chair of the 2019-2024 Unpad Rectoral Election Committee Dr.  Soni A. Nulhaqim, M.Sc., at a press conference related to the selection process for Unpad Rector Candidates of 2019-2024, held in the Unpad Executive Lounge, Jalan Dipati Ukur No.35, Bandung, Monday (2/9).  (Photo was taken by: Atep Rustandi)*

The commitment was signed at a press conference held at the Unpad Executive Lounge, Jalan Dipati Ukur No.35, Bandung, Monday (2/9).  The signing was witnessed by Prof.  Dr.  Ida Nurlinda, M.H., vice chairman of the board of trustees, and Dr.  Soni A. Nulhaqim, M.Sc, Chair of the 2019-2024 Unpad Rectoral Election Committee.

There are six commitments points agreed by 9 participants.  The six points are, among others, to achieve success of the 2019-2024 Unpad Rectoral Election process in an honest, fair and dignified manner; unbiased socialization of the election without any problems; to maintain the unity and integrity of Unpad campus life and to maintain a conducive and harmonious academic atmosphere.

The next point is to not conduct black campaigns and politicizing ethnicity, religion, race and inter-group relations or other dishonorable actions; to uphold the interests of Unpad above personal and group interests; and to obey all the rules that have been set in the rectoral election process.

Dr. Soni said that the process of electing the Rectoral Candidates will be the next stage of the registration and verification stage.  From the verification stage, the MWA (board of trustees) has announced the names of 9 participants who were declared to have fulfilled the completeness, suitability, and validity of administrative requirements in accordance with Regulation of MWA Unpad No. 1 of 2015 concerning Procedures for Election, Determination and Inauguration of the Rector of Universitas Padjadjaran.

Alphabetically, the names of the 9 candidates for Unpad Rector Candidate selection are: Prof.  Arief Sjamsulaksan Kartasasmita, dr., Sp.M (K)., M. Kes., Ph.D.  Dr.  Arry Bainus, M.A., Prof.  Dr.  Ir.  Hendarmawan, M.Sc., Dr.  Keri Lestari, M.Si., Apt., Prof.  Dr.  Reiza D. Dienaputra, M.Hum., Prof.  Dr.  Rina Indiastuti, S.E., MSIE., Prof.  Dr.  Sri Mulyani, Ak., CA., Dr.  Toni Toharudin, M.Sc., and Prof.  Dr.  Unang Supratman, M.Si.

 “The election process for Rectoral Candidates will be carried out by lecturers, students, and education staff,” said Dr.  Soni.

The election process, continued Dr.  Soni, was conducted online starting from September 5 – 8.  The results of the election will be announced to the public by MWA Unpad.

“This election phase is aimed at generating the popularity of the rectoral candidates who were chosen by academicians and education staff, not assessing participants in terms of quality, capability, and capacity,” he explained.

In a press conference attended by a number of the media crew, each candidate in the selection of 2019-2024 Unpad Rectoral Election was given 5 minutes to submit a program summary and ideas. In addition, each candidate also had the right to answer questions posed by the media crew.*

Report by Arief Maulana

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