New Student Registration from the National Selection for State Universities (SNMPTN) Route to Be Held on May 9th

[, 8/5/2019] The administrative registration for new prospective Universitas Padjadjaran students for the 2019/2020 academic year through the National Selection for State Universities (SNMPTN) route will be held in Grha Sanusi Harjadinata Unpad, Dipati Ukur street No. 35, Thursday (9/5).

Unpad Vice Rector for Academics and Student Affairs Dr. Arry Bainus, M.A., said, the administrative registration process include verifying the required files, taking a photo for the student ID, receiving equipment as Unpad student, to getting information about the new student admission.

As many as 20 tables, comprised of 14 regular tables and 6 tables for Bidikmisi grantee has been prepared for the administrative registration process. Prospective students are required to come according to the schedule given.

“We are not going to deny service to students who come earlier than their scheduled time. [However,] they should be orderly. I want for whoever comes earlier, if it’s according to their schedule, to be served first,” said Dr. Arry.

He has also prepared a help desk in the area before the registration location. That way, any hindrance regarding prospective students from Bidikmisi or non-Bidikmisi can be handled earlier.

Other than keeping things in order, Dr. Arry also appeals for the prospective new students to keep safe. Don’t ever be misguided by parties claiming they are from Unpad. If there is a problem, please come to the helpdesk or the registration officer.

Remembering that the registration is held during Ramadan, prospective new students must also keep themselves healthy during the registration.

Report by Arief Maulana
Translated by Dinda Ayu Maharani

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