Irish Maritime Expert Shares Knowledge at FPIK Unpad

[, 24/9/2019] The Universitas Padjadjaran Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences (FPIK Unpad) held a general lecture in the Auditorium of FPIK Building 2, Unpad Jatinangor Campus, on Tuesday (24/8). The speakers included the Deputy Ambassador of Ireland to Indonesia, Carol Staunton, and lecturer at the National Maritime College of Ireland, Cork Institute of Technology, Captain Sinéad Reen.

Lecturer at the National Maritime College of Ireland, Cork Institute of Technology Ireland, Capt. Sinéad Reen giving a general lecture in front of the students of the Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences at Universitas Padjadjaran in the Auditorium of FPIK Building 2, Unpad Jatinangor Campus, Tuesday (8/24). (Photo: Arief Maulana) *

Dean of FPIK Unpad, Yudi Nurul Ihsan, M.Si., was also present during this general lecture. In his opening remarks, Dr. Yudi expressed his hopes to strengthen cooperation between Universitas Padjadjaran and universities in Ireland.

“Some FPIK Unpad students have the desire to continue their education in Ireland. This general lecture is expected to be able to broaden students’ insights and knowledge about the marine and fisheries sector in Ireland,” explained Dr. Yudi.

At the general lecture, Carol gave a brief description of the country of Ireland. “Ireland is a country with a fairly small area but has five provinces, namely Ulster, Connacht, Meath, Leinster and Munster, each with their own history,”

Meanwhile, Captain Reen also delivered a general lecture with the theme “Role of Marine Science in Marine Resources Sustainability”.

Captain Reen said that Ireland is a maritime country with a vast marine territory. “Speaking of the sea, we will also talk about shipping, fisheries, recreation, coastal communities and the environment,” she said.

Unwittingly, shipping has become an important component of Ireland. “Many raw materials for daily necessities are transported using ship rather than air transport,” said Captain Reen.

Furthermore, Captain Reen explained that to maintain the sustainability of marine resources, Ireland made changes by focusing on fisheries.

“Fisheries in Ireland no longer use traditional wooden boats. Additionally, Ireland has large fish farms to support the fisheries sector,” explained Captain Reen.

Captain Reen advised that students, especially those from maritime countries, can make changes to ensure that the future of the sea is headed in a better direction. “We can start by reducing the use of plastic, which has a huge impact on the sea,” said Captain Reen.*

Report by Rana Aushaf / am

Translation by Shabrina Maharani

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