Invitation to International Seminar with Asian Sister Universities Students 2016

On the purpose of promoting the cordial relationship through our students’ collaborative activities, Fukuoka University has groped for the academic program to provide the students a chance to join our Asian network. Now we would like to announce that Fukuoka University Center for Int’l Programs proposes the International Seminar in 2016, and seek the possibility to invite one (1) recommended student from partner universities in Asia with which Fukuoka Univ. has established sister-university relationships.

This seminar focuses on group study in specific fields, discussion and presentation in collaboration with (more interactive studying with) Fukuoka Univ. students, that turns to be most productive for both of guest and host students. This program also includes the segment for experiencing and learning various aspects of Japan and its culture, nature and tradition through such events as field trips and lectures. Fukuoka University will award the grants on your student’s participating in this program.


  1. Students who are registered as regular students in undergraduate courses at Fukuoka Univ.’s sister universities in China, Taiwan, Korea, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam and Cambodia and who have NEVER been to Japan in the past. (We’d like to give an opportunity to those who have desired to come to learn Japan, but never had a chance.)
  2. The student is required to have Japanese language proficiency (higher than basic level), since group study, discussion and presentation are conducted in Japanese in principle. Also it is desirable that he/she has the English proficiency.
  3. The number of participants invited: 1 student respectively recommended by the sister university.

Period of Seminar:

11 days for the period from October 25 (arriving in Fukuoka) to November 5, 2016 (departing to home countries).

For further information, please contact Linda (Unpad’s International Office) at