Ika FH Unpad Official Statement Regarding the Padjadjaran Alumni Advocacy Alliance

[unpad.ac.id, 24/06/2019] The dynamics of the election of the 2019-2024 Rector of Universitas Padjadjaran is still ongoing. Following a civil lawsuit by one of the candidates who was accompanied or represented by a legal counsel team under the name of the Padjadjaran Alumni Advocacy Alliance, the Unpad Alumni Association of the Unpad Faculty of Law (Ika FH) took a stand.

Clarification regarding the Padjadjaran Alumni Advocacy Alliance was given in an official statement signed by the Head of Ika FH Unpad Agus Santoso. According to him, the existence of this alliance seemed to be perceived as an alliance formed by Ika FH Unpad.

In response to this, Ika FH Unpad gave some clarification through Agus Santoso. In essence, Ika FH Unpad is a forum for alumni who organize, guide, and coordinate, both for individual alumni as well as those who are members of the Unpad Faculty of Law’s activities.

During the 2015 – 2019 management period, it has collected data on individual alumni and organizations that have joined Ika FH Unpad.

“Based on data sources in Ika FH Unpad, the Padjadjaran Alumni Advocacy Alliance is not recorded and is not part of Ika FH Unpad,” said Agus.

Because it is not a part of Unpad Faculty of Law, Agus emphasized that all actions, measures, and/or activities that will be, are, and have been carried out by the group that calls itself the Padjadjaran Alumni Advocacy Alliance, both related to the contestation of 2019-2024 Unpad Rector elections and other actions, have nothing to do with Ika FH Unpad. *

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Translation by Shabrina Maharani

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