About International Office Unpad

Hello Unpad students! For those who ever wonder “Is there any overseas scholarship program and partnership between Unpad and many universities worldwide?” You can find the answer at International Office Unpad, which is located on the 1st floor of the Unpad Rectorate Building, Jatinangor!

International Office Unpad provides a variety of information related to exchange programs from various universities around the world in collaboration with Unpad. This office also acts as an entry point for students and researchers from all over the world to study and conduct research at Unpad. We also helped students from unpad to continue their studies abroad.

Besides that, International Office also helps foreign students as long as they study in Unpad in order to adapt to the campus environment and learn to speak Indonesian, Curious? Find out more information by following our social medias, website, and visit our office.
•Instagram: @internationalofficeunpad
•Twitter: @upgrade_io
•Facebook: Universitas Padjadjaran’s Global Relation and Advancements. And our website at international.unpad.ac.id
Opportunities await you!