Hanyang ERICA International Winter School: Korean Language Program & Korea Industry Program

Hanyang University ERICA Campus, modelled after Silicon Valley, is announcing a winter program that enables students to gain knowledge on Korea’s leading industries. This program provides opportunities for the students to experience Korean company at first hand and learn about Korea’s leading industry from Hanyang’s representative faculties.


Korean Language Program (Jan 9 – Jan 22, 2017)

How To Apply

  1. Visit [ http://ericaiie.hanyang.ac.kr ] and click on “Application download” on the pop-up “2017 ERICA Winter School Korean Language Program”
  2. Download the application form and fill it out
  3. Email to ericaiie@hanyang.ac.kr
  4. After 5 working days, check your email for ERICA Winter School Korean Language Program Bank Account Info & the amount due
  5. Wire Transfer (T/T) the amount due

*A receipt for the amount due will be sent to you by e-mail


Korea Industry Program

Session 1: Dec 25, 2016 – Jan 1, 2017

Session 2: Jan 15, 2017 – Jan 22, 2017

Session 3: Feb 5, 2017 – Feb 12, 2017

How To Apply

  1. Visit [ www.hanyangwinter.com/erica ] and click on ‘Apply Now’
  2. Create an online account to complete the Application Form
  3. After 10 working days, visit [ www.hanyangwinter.com/erica ] and click on ‘Sign In’
  4. Check the Bank Account Info. & the amount due on the Application page
  5. Wire Transfer (T/T) the amount due
  6. After 10 working days, the payment balance will appear on the Application page