Halal Bihalal Bonds Togetherness

[unpad.ac.id, 12/6/2019] Universitas Padjadjaran held Eid Al Fitr Halal Bihalal (a gathering held after Eid Al Fitr to ask for forgiveness) 1440 Hijriah at Grha Sanusi Harjadinata Unpad, Dipati Ukur street No. 35, Bandung, Wednesday (12/6). All administrative leaders, professors, lecturers, academic staff, partners, and other invited guests took part in this event.

Universitas Padjadjaran Acting Chancellor Prof. Dr. Rina Indiastuti, M.SIE., shook hands with the 7th rector of Universitas Padjadjaran Prof. Yuyun Wirasasmita in the Eid Al Fitr Halal Bihalal 1440 Hijriah at Grha Sanusi Harjadinata Unpad, Dipati Ukur street No. 35, Bandung, Wednesday (12/6). (Photo: Tedi Yusup)

Unpad Acting Chancellor Prof. Dr. Rina Indiastuti, M.SIE., said, this Halal Bihalal will hopefully adhere togetherness of everyone in Unpad.

“Hopefully, the grace of God and the chastity in our hearts, as well as our togetherness, will lead us to the paradise as wide as the sky and the earth,” said Prof. Rina in her greetings.

Halal Bihalal was then filled with post-Ramadan reflection by Unpad’s 11th rector Prof. Ganjar Kurnia. Prof. Ganjar said that many wisdom can be taken from all of the good deeds we did during Ramadan.

“This wisdom can be projected and analyzed into various aspects in life,” said Prof. Ganjar.

Ramadan wisdom as well as other acts of worship can only be done if a Muslim aspires oneself to do it. The spirit of responsibility in worshiping the God can also be applied to other life contexts, including Unpad’s institution itself.

The Faculty of Agriculture professor asked that whether everyone in Unpad has their mind connected to Unpad as if it calls their soul as the part of it. When Unpad confronts with various problems, does everyone in Unpad feel unconditionally responsible to solve the matter?

“We have to prove that we can really unite as one. Let us face the future with togetherness,” said Prof. Ganjar.

During the event, Prof. Rina also gave appreciation to the 11th rector of Unpad Prof. Tri Hanggono Achmad. This was to appreciate every effort which Prof. Tri had done when he was a rector.

Accompanied by his wife Tina Tri Hnggono Achmad, Prof. Tri was given a chance to give his greetings. He was thankful for all the support given when he was a rector.

“When I was doing my duties, Alhamdulillah, we earned a lot together because this almamater was built with an amazing platform,” said Prof. Tri.

Report by Arief Maulana
Translated by Dinda Ayu Maharani

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