[Fully Funded Scholarship] Monbukagkusho/MEXT Scholarship

Monbukagkusho/MEXT Scholarship for research student program and undergraduate program by Japan governments for 2020 is now open!🙌🏻 For undergraduate program, there are three universities available :
📌Gakubu Universtity
📌College of Technology (Kosen)
📌Specialized Training College (Senshu)

Those who get the scholarship will recieve :
– Tuition fee
– living allowence : ¥117.000/month (bachelor and diploma), ¥143.000/month (research students), ¥144.000/month (master’s degree) ¥145.000/month (doctoral degree)
– free of charge for obtaining a study visa
– Round-trip flights
– No employment bond after graduation 📍For Research student program (master’s and doctoral program)
apply before 6 May 2019 and kindly find more informations through https://www.id.emb-japan.go.jp/sch_rs2020.html 📍High school graduate Program
-graduate in 2019
deadline : 27 May 2019

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