Fukuoka Univ. 2016 Fall Exchange Program

Fall Exchange Program 2016 at Fukuoka University application has been opened.

The application deadline is March 20th, 2016.

For the candidates to the 2016-2017’s exchange program at FU, you can download Application Form for Admission, Application for Certificate of Eligibility (Form Part 1 only) and Form for Japanese Instructor (to be filled out by the teacher who have taught the applicant) at the link below.

1. Application form for admission
2. Fukuoka Univ. Exchange Information
3. Form for Japanese Language Instructure
4. Application for Certificate of Elgibility

These forms should be completed and send back by March 20, 2016 together with the following documents which are necessary for legal procedures to be taken for applying for Certificate of Eligibility for Status of Residence to Ministry of Justice.

  1. (1)  Official letter issued to each student by your university certifying that he/she is currently (and during his/her participating in the forthcoming study program at Fukuoka Univ.) enrolled as a regular student in your university and will be sent to Fukuoka Univ. for student’s desired period of stay in Japan in 2016. Be sure to state in this letter that Fukuoka Univ. requires of him/her no tuition fee under the reciprocal agreement between the two universities.
  2. (2)  Copies of the following certificate of Japanese language (N2 or higher in The Japanese Language Proficiency Test) issued by the Japan Foundation and Japan Educational Exchange and Services:1. Certificate of Japanese Language Proficiency

    2. Score Report of Japanese Language Proficiency Test
    *Students, who are applicable to take the undergraduate regular courses for transferring credit earned at Fukuoka University back to their home university, should have passed JLPT N2 or higher at the time of applying for the exchange program. However, if it has been more than 3 years since you passed JLPT N2, please let us know. *Students who haven’t fulfilled the language requirements above stated will be enrolled in Int’l Center’s “Japanese Language and Culture Course for Exchange Students” at least for the first semester.

  3. (3)  Evidence of the adequate financial resources to cover expenditure (some ¥80,000 per month for living expenses) for the period of stay in Japan such as a certificate of personal bank statement or an official letter of (local) government scholarship. We need to have you submit the certificate of finance which clarifies and confirms that student prepare the finance which covers the living as an exchange student for the period of staying in Fukuoka. We are grateful if you could give the explanation to student to be sent and tell them to submit the original bank statement (of the student’s own account)/official documentation verifying government support showing available funds of at least the amount of ¥80,000 × number of the months the student stays in Japan. (Faxed copies are unacceptable.)
  1. (4)  Official transcript/permanent record at the university
  2. (5)  6 copies of identical passport-size colored photograph
  3. (6)  A copy of passport