First Day of the First Wave of UTBK Went Well

[, 13/04/2019] The first batch of Computer Based Written Test (UTBK) officially began nationally on Saturday (13/4) and Sunday (14/4). In addition, Universitas Padjadjaran is appointed as the National coordinator for the implementation of UTBK.

Universitas Padjadjaran Rector Prof. Tri Hanggono Achmad showed the prepared UTBK central server in all regions in Indonesia through the screen in Unpad Command Center, Unpad Rectorate Building, Jatinangor, during the first day of the first batch of UTBK held on Saturday (13/4). (Photo: Tedi Yusup)

Unpad Rector Prof. Tri Hanggono Achmad said that as a whole, the first day of UTBK has gone well. Unpad has made sure every server where UTBK is held is ready, both in state universities as well as other partners that held the exam from Friday (12/4).

“This morning, the agenda is systematically started; from how every exam center and their server opened the seal to the problem set, one hour before the exam is held. From eastern Indonesia, to the middle, and the west,” said the Rector.

The rector explained, every activity on the UTBK server in Indonesia has been monitored through the Command Center in the Unpad Rectorate Building. Other than that, a call center is prepared in case of problem occurring during the exam in every region.

This morning, continued the Rector, some obstacles are found in administering the exam. From the invigilators who aren’t familiar with giving digital instructions, locations with problematic clients, to lateness from the server in downloading the application/problem. But, these problems were solved.

“Every test center that has a problem can directly call our call center. There, experts can solve their problems,” said the rector.

The first wave of UTBK is held from April 13th to May 4th 2019 every Saturday and Sunday. Meanwhile, the second wave of UTBK is held from May 11th to 26th May 2019 every Saturday and Sunday. In one day, the exam is divided into two sessions. The morning session starts at 07.30, while the afternoon session starts at 12.30.

The Rector reminds every UTBK examinees to come prepared and bring the files required, like diploma for participants who graduated last year and a letter from the school that the test-taker is a 12th grader as well as the exam participant card.

“Overall, we are committed to help every problem the participant face,” said the rector.

The UTBK results can be accessed by participants 10 days after the exam at the latest. These results can be considered to choose a fitting major when signing up for SBMPTN as well as the independent route.

Earning Appreciation

The first day of UTBK earned an appreciation from the Indonesian Minister of Research, Technology, and Higher Education Prof. Mohamad Nasir. Prof. Nasir has monitored the test through video conference with the Unpad command center and with various universities in Indonesia.

“He (Menristekdikti) really appreciated [the effort] and said thank you for the breakthrough done by the ministry to hold UTBK at the same time,” said the rector.

Appreciation also came from the Head of the College Entrance Test Institute (LTMPT) Prof. Ravik Karsidi through video conference. “Prof. Ravik also told [us] to keep out stamina, maintenance the system, as well as some obstacles so it wouldn’t be a problem at the next session,” explained the rector.

The first day of UTBK in Unpad was directly reviewed by several members of LTMPT. Also in attendance was the Vice Head of LTMPT Prof. Joni Hermana.

Report by Arief Maulana
Translated by Dinda Ayu Maharani

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