Council of Professors from State Universities with Legal Entities Hold Coordination Meeting

[, 20/6/2019] The Board of Trustees, Academic Senate, and Council of Professors are three important organizations in a State University with Legal Entity (PTNBH). For that, the three organizations must synergize and collaborate with the rector and their staff to contribute for the future of the university, especially to improve the national education.

Unpad Acting Chancellor Prof. Dr. Rina Indiastti, S.E., M.SIE. (in the middle), takes a picture with members of MDGB PTNBH at the Coordination Meeting held in Unpad Training Center, Ir. H. Juanda street no.4 Bandung, Thursday (20/6). (Photo: Tedi Yusup)

Regarding the matter, the Council of Professor from 11 PTNBH under the organization Council of Professors from State Universities with Legal Entities hold a coordination meeting in Unpad Training Center (UTC) Ir. H. Juanda street no. 4, Bandung, Thursday (20/6). The meeting was attended by 11 PTNBH represented by 42 participants.

At the chance, Unpad Acting Chancellor Prof. Dr. Rina Indiastuti, S.E., M.SIE., in her greetings at the beginning of the event expected that in this meeting the professors could give their ideas to make education better. In addition, she also emphasized toward the professors not to only give their ideas but also to give an image on how to implement it.

“At that stage, the professors are expected to supervise the way on how the idea is going to be executed, in other words, there must be a supportive regulation toward the idea. Hence, without the regulation, the idea will not be executable,” spoke Prof. Rina.

Sometimes a good idea without the support of regulation or rules, will not sustain and stop in the middle. Prof. Rina explained that the Ministry of Research, Technology, and Higher Education (Kemenristekdikti) as the regulator will review the rules regarding the idea so it will not be against the existing rules implemented on the national level.

“This is the challenge, to find a way to implement the idea so that it will be executed well. I hope in this meeting, there will be input and a comprehensive conclusion,” she continued.

Head of MDGB PTNBH, Prof. Dr. Ir. Nadjadji Anwar, M.Sc, said that in this coordination meeting the organization’s board and programs will be fixated.

“Hopetfully, we can fill the gaps in PTNBH so we will be able to contribute to the future of the state universities and the national education,” he said.

Head of Unpad Council of Professors, Prof. Dr. Sutyastie Soemitro Remi, S.E., M.S., as the host of the meeting said that this time Unpad becomes the host after a couple of meetings previously done in other universities.

Report by Marlia
Translated by Dinda Ayu Maharani

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