Candidates Registration for Members of Unpad Board of Trustees Inter-Time Change Between Time from Community Elements

[, 05/10/2019] Universitas Padjadjaran opens a registration for Members Candidate of the Board of Trustees (MWA) Inter-Time Change from among the community elements. Registration is open from May 13 to May 22, 2019.

Group photo of the Ad Hoc Committee for Candidates Election for Universitas Padjadjaran Members of the Board of Trustees (MWA) Inter-Time Change. (Photo: Tedi Yusup) *

The selection process for Candidates for Inter-Time change MWA Members is carried out by the Ad Hoc Committee that is determined through the Decision of the Unpad Academic Senate Number 399.UN6.SA/Kep/2019 concerning the Establishment of the Ad Hoc Committee for Election of Members of the Community and Unpad Education Personnel.

“This election is intended for the inter-time turnover of two Unpad MWA members from the community who resigned for certain reasons,” said Chairman of the Ad Hoc Committee, Dr. H. Soni A. Nulhaqim, S.Sos., M.Sc, at Unpad Public Communication Office on Friday (10/5).

Overall, the duties of the Ad Hoc Committee include compiling technical implementation instructions and the SOP for the selection of Interim Time Substitution (PAW) Members, and compiling criteria for PAW and MWA members, conducting selection of prospective PAW and MWA members, and holding elections for MAW and PAW members.

“Registrants are Indonesian citizens, physically and mentally healthy, have a strong commitment to advance Unpad, have a good track record, not members of political parties, have no conflicts of interest in carrying out their duties, not permanent lecturers, permanent students, or Unpad students, and able to fulfill administrative requirements,” said Dr. Soni.

Administrative requirements for Candidates for Members of the Board of Trustees Inter-Time Change include:

1. Copy of KTP (National Identification Card);
2. A copy of the last diploma;
3. Health Certificate from a Government Hospital or Puskesmas (Health Center);
4. List of recent CVs, according to the format specified;
5. Statement of willingness to become a member of the MWA, according to the format (stamped Rp. 6,000.00);
6. Statement not as a member of a particular political party, according to the format (stamped Rp. 6,000.00);
7. Police Records Certificate (SKCK);
8. Color photographs size 4 × 6, as many as 3 sheets; and
9. Essay about the idea of ​​Unpad Development, 5-15 pages with a distance of 1.5 spaces.

From May 13-22, registration is carried out at the committee secretariat at the Unpad Rector’s Building Jatinangor, every working day, Monday – Friday, 08.00 – 14.30 WIB.

Dr. Soni explained, registration cannot be represented, so applicants must come to Jatinangor themselves. Representatives can only be done if there is a power of attorney signed above the seal.

Registrants fill out the registration form provided by the committee. Then, the committee records all applicants for prospective MWA members.

“Registrants receive proof of registration and receipt of proof of submission of requirements documents from the committee. Especially for documents that are photocopies, participants must show the original documents when registering to be checked by the committee,” said Dr. Soni.

The management of the Ad Hoc Committee consists of:
-Counselor: Prof. Oekan Soekotjo Abdoellah, M.A., Ph.D
-Director: Prof. dr. Ida Nurlinda., S.H., MH
-Responsible Agency: Dr. Tomi Perdana, S.P, MM
-Chair: Dr. H. Soni A. Nulhaqim, S.Sos., M.Sc.
-Secretary: Dr. Elsa Pudji Setiawati, M.M., dr.

– Prof. Dr. Ir. Hj. Hersanti, MP
– Prof. Dr. drg. Harmas Yazid Yusuf, Sp.BM (K)
– Prof. Dr. Ir. Ildrem Syafri, DEA.
– Prof. Suryani, S.Kp., MH.Sc. Ph.D
– Dr. Zainal Muttaqin, S.H., M.H.
– Dr. Ir. Muh. Hasan Hadiana, M.S.
– Dr. Hazbini, Drs., M.Ag.
– Dr. Maman Setiawan, S.E. M.T.
– Dr. rer.nat. Yudi Rosandi, S.Si., MSi. *

Report by Arief Maulana
Translation by Zaki Intan Cindyagita

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