Board of Trustees Opens Complaints against Unpad Rector Candidates Service

[, 9/23/2019] Board of Trustees (MWA) through the 2019-2024 Unpad Rector Selection Committee announced the opening of the complaints against Unpad Rector Candidates service for Unpad residents and the general public. The opening of the complaint service is the next stage of the Unpad Rector selection process after the determination of six Rector Candidates, last Saturday (9/21).

The opening period for complaints service is from Tuesday (9/24) to Thursday (9/26). Various complaints regarding the Rector Candidates are received and collected by PPR who will forward the complaints to Unpad Board Trustees to be followed up. The follow-up process for complaints will be held from September 27 to October 5, 2019. The procedure for complaints can be carried out in the following stages:

1. The public who will complain the Rector Candidates sends a letter of complaint

which contains:

a. Complainer’s name and identity: Full name, ID number, e-mail address, and residential address;

b. The name of the Rector Candidate complained;

c. Information that gives clues about the problem complained;

2. The letter of complaint must be attached with several requirements for the completeness of the complaint, which include:

a. A copy of the complainant’s identity

b. Supporting evidence for complaints;

3. The complaint letter must be addressed to the Chairperson of Universitas Padjadjaran Board of Trustees through one of the following methods:

a. Website;

b. Email to; and

c. Letter addressed to Jalan Hayam Wuruk (Cimandiri) No. 14 Bandung 40115

(during business hours 08.00-16.00 WIB).

4. Complaints are received no later than September 26, 2019, at 16:00 WIB;

5. Legitimate complaints are complaints that meet the completeness requirements and is accepted in accordance with the period of complaints acceptance that has been set;

6. Complaints that meet the requirements will be followed up by the Board of Trustees as a material for consideration in the selection process for the Universitas Padjadjaran Rector. Head of Unpad Rector Selection Committee (PPR Unpad) Dr. Soni A. Nulhaqim, M.Sc., said that besides opening a complaint service, MWA will also trace the track record of Unpad Rector Candidates, covering aspects of finance, social media, radicalism, and terrorism. Furthermore, the MWA requests input from professional assessment institutions to assess the Rector’s managerial competency. *

Release: PPR Unpad / am.

Translated by Trisha Adelia.

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