Bidikmisi Helps Fifi Pianti Realize Her Goals of Studying Medicine

[, 10/05/2019] When asked about dreams, since childhood, Fifi Pianti was determined to become a doctor. But during high school, Fifi was almost pessimistic about being able to reach her dreams, because her family’s poor economic conditions meant they could not afford to pay for university.

Fifi Pianti, prospective Unpad student for the 2019/2020 academic year from the SNMPTN pathway for Bidikmisi assistance recipients. (Photo: Tedi Yusup) *

“To become a doctor has been my dream since I was young, but because of my economic situation, it has been hampered. I realized, without assistance, I would definitely not be able to go to school there,” said Fifi during the Unpad administrative registration at Grha Sanusi Hardjadinata, Jalan Dipati Ukur No. 35 Bandung, Thursday (9/5).

Fifi’s parents are farmers in Kalipucang Subdistrict, Pangandaran Regency. Every day, Samino, Fifi’s father, works as a farmer tapping palm sap from neighbors’ coconut trees. The palm sap he obtains is then processed by Fifi’s mother, Sodiah, into palm sugar.

The profits from the sale of the palm sugar are then shared with the tree owners. Fifi revealed that her parents earn less than 400,000.00 IDR per week

“In the village, the price of palm sugar is still not too expensive, it is still low,” said the SMAN 1 Pangandaran graduate.

When she found out about the government’s Bidikmisi program, Fifi’s enthusiasm to pursue her dreams rose again. Fifi then enrolled in the Unpad Faculty of Medicine through the National Selection for State University pathway (SNMPTN). Now, Fifi feels very grateful to be able to become a student of the Unpad Faculty of Medicine and become a Bidikmisi recipient.

“With Bidikmisi, we can accomplish our dreams. Even that which we think is impossible,” said the youngest daughter of two siblings.

According to Fifi, a doctor is a noble profession, because they can help many people. After becoming a doctor, Fifi also wants to serve in her home area, Pangandaran, to provide many benefits there.

In her old school, Fifi was an outstanding student. Since class X to XII, Fifi always was always ranked first. In addition, she has also earned achievements in various competitions outside of school, such as being the Best Speaker at the Indonesian Debate Contest at the Regency Level (LDBI) in 2016 and 2018, winning 1st place in the Sunda Fairy Tale competition at the Regency level in 2016, 3rd place at the Sunda Fairy Tale competition at the Regency level in 2018, 3rd Place in the 2018 Indonesian Language Debate Competition at Foksi PSDKU Unpad, and many more.

In the future, Fifi hopes to do the best in her studies at the Unpad Faculty of Medicine. Moreover, as a Bidikmisi recipient it has already become her obligation to be responsible for the assistance she has obtained.

“Because I am also a Bidikmisi recipient, I feel indebted. So I have to give my best. God willing, I will learn as much as possible. I have a target for my university experience to be smooth, no interference. In essence, I will fight as much as I can to realize my dream, which has been assisted by this program,” said Fifi. *

Report by Artanti Hendriyana / am
Translation by Shabrina Maharani

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