Besides Physical Health, Psychological and Mental Health Must Also Be Healthy

[, 17/05/2019] Class C students of the Public Relations study program at Padjadjaran University held an “Aku Project 2019” (The I Project 2019) activity in the form of an interactive talk show entitled “I-Speak: There is always room to understand yourself” at Bale Sawala, Unpad Rectorate Building, Jatinangor, Tuesday (5/14).

Speakers attending the talk show “I-Speak: There Is Always Room to Understand Yourself,” held by Class C students of the Public Relations study program at Universitas Padjadjaran in Bale Sawala, Unpad Rectorate Building, Jatinangor, Tuesday (5/14). *

The talk show discussed the importance of mental health and caring about oneself and the social environment. Speakers included Indonesian Hypnotherapy Instructor Dr. Jiemi Ardian, Sp.KJ., lecturer at the Faculty of Psychology Unpad Hari Setyowibowo, M.Psi., as well as representatives from the Directorate of Prevention and Control of Mental and Drug Health Problems of the Indonesian Ministry of Health, Dr. Lina Regina Mangaweang, Sp.KJ.

“Mental health is very important for students. Not only physical health, but also psychological and mental health,” said Hari.

Hari explained that sometimes someone may want to be away from the crowd. “Being alone does not mean loneliness, but one thing that needs to be instilled is ‘Alone, I’m fine. With you, I am better.’ This means that we need other people but we shouldn’t become dependent on others,” he explained.

Meanwhile, Jiemi said that health does not only concern physical matters, but one must also be mentally healthy and have healthy relationships.

Regarding extreme mood changes, Jiemi explained that this process is naturally experienced by humans. We should not immediately judge that this change is a negative thing. However, when these changes interfere with normal activities, it becomes a problem.

“The changes in mood that someone feels, if it disrupts a person from performing normal activities, can be a sign of a psychiatric disorder,” explained Jiemi.

In supporting mental health education in the community, the Indonesian Ministry of Health intensively conducts socialization to disseminate information about mental health to the community. Socialization is done by visiting schools and spreading information through leaflets, brochures and videos.

“The Ministry of Health also has applications to detect mental health, if someone really requires further action, they will be advised to undergo counseling,” Lina said.

The Aku Project 2019 program itself also comprised of exhibitions of art installations, as well as mental health detection and counseling by the Indonesian Ministry of Health team and the Unpad Counseling Service and Guidance Team (TPBK). *

Release: Fadhilah Saba Arianto (Radio Unpad) and Aku Project 2019 / am
Translated by Shabrina Maharani