Awards Given during the Appreciation Night of Unpad’s 62nd Dies Natalis

[, 12/9/2019] Commemorating the 62nd Dies Natalis, Universitas Padjadjaran gave appreciation to a number of academicians and educational staff of Universitas Padjadjaran who have impressive accomplishments. The award was given at the “Appreciation Night” event held at Grha Sanusi Hardjadinata Unpad, Jalan Dipati Ukur No. 35 Bandung, on Wednesday (11/9).

A number of awards given by Universitas Padjadjaran to academicians and educational staff who have impressive accomplishment at the “Appreciation Night” to commemorate the 62nd Dies Natalis at Grha Sanusi Hardjadinata Unpad, Jalan Dipati Ukur No. 35, Bandung, on Wednesday (11/9) night. (Photo: Arief Maulana) *

The awards were given to the winners at the Sports and Arts Week (Porseni) which had been held as part of Unpad’s 62nd Dies Natalis.  It was held from 26 August to 9 September 2019 at the Unpad Jatinangor campus.

In his welcoming statement, Chairman of the Unpad 62nd Dies Natalis Committee, Prof.  Muchtaridi emphasized that the implementation of this event is not to prioritize titles, but instead, it is to pursue togetherness.

“This event is the result of cooperation, cohesiveness and togetherness from the academic community of Universitas Padjadjaran, alumni, and Unpad partners,” said Prof. Muchtaridi.

In the arts category, awards were given to the winners of “Unpad Idol” in the categories of solo singing, vocal groups, and bands. For the solo category, Adhein from the Faculty of Medicine won 1st place, Ameira Baradja from the Faculty of Cultural Sciences 2nd place, and Dea Clara Nadya from the Faculty of Nursing won 3rd place.

For the Vocal Group category, the winners were from the Faculty of Economics and Business (1st place), Faculty of Medicine (2nd place), and Faculty of Law (3rd place). While for the band category, the winners were from the Faculty of Law (1st place), Faculty of Medicine (2nd place), and the Faculty of Economics and Business (3rd place).

In addition, awards were also given to a number of winners in the sport department, which includes Volleyball, Table Tennis, Badminton and Football. The Faculty of Medicine was announced as the General Champion of this year’s Porseni.

At the event, Unpad also symbolically gave awards to outstanding the lecturers and educational staff of Unpad. The awards included Outstanding Lecturers in Science and Technology Field, Outstanding Lecturers in Socio-Humanities Field, Outstanding Teaching Laboratory Technicians, Outstanding Librarians, Outstanding Financial Managers, Outstanding Academic Administrators, and Outstanding Archivists.

Symbolically, awards were also given to the winners of Satya Karya Bhakti Pendidikan, Satya Karya Bhakti Class I, Satya Karya Bhakti Class II, and Satya Karya Purnabhakti.

On this occasion, appreciation was also given to the Public Relations Manager of Faculty Websites. Furthermore, awards were given to the Faculty of Economics and Business as the first-best, the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences as the second-best, and the Faculty of Industrial Agriculture Technology as the third-best.

In addition, various activities were carried out at the Appreciation Night such as the symbolic giving of Unpad Smart Cards as well as a number of entertainment performances from the Unpad extended family and guest stars. The event was also enlivened by the performance of KSP Big Band and Diskoria, as well as the host Joe P Project.

The Appreciation Night was officially opened by the Acting Unpad Rector Prof.  Dr.  Rina Indiastuti, S.E., M.SIE. Just like Prof. Muchtaridi, Prof.  Rina also said that the Unpad Dies Natalis event is meant to uphold togetherness, synergy, sharing, and friendship.

“Happy birthday to our beloved Universitas Padjadjaran. We pray that going forward we will be more advanced, happier and more prosperous,” said Prof. Rina.

This year, the theme of the Unpad Dies Natalis activity series was “Unpad on the World Stage”.  According to Prof. Muchtaridi, the theme was chosen bearing in mind that Unpad had listed itself in the ranks of the world stage, including the fact that Unpad was recorded in the global ranking.

The series of Dies Natalis activities will continue with the implementation of several activities, ending with Unpad Funbike and Longride activities on October 13th, 2019. *

Report by Artanti Hendriyana / am
Translation by Rizal Fadilah

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