As many as 55 Unpad Bidikmisi Scholarship Students Participate in the First Impact Entrepreneur Program Bootcamp

[, 3/5/2019] As many as 55 Bidikmisi Scholarship students from Universitas Padjadjaran participated in the “Bootcamp” training camp of the “Impact Entrepreneurs” program held by Sacita Muda Unpad in collaboration with the Sinergi Foundation at Villa Mazel, Lembang, 1 – 3 March.

The atmosphere at the “Bootcamp” training camp for the “Impact Entrepreneur” program held by Sacita Muda Unpad in collaboration with the Sinergi Foundation at Villa Mazel, Lembang, March 1 – 3. *

The training camp activities aim to create superior individual capacity through the generation of social entrepreneurship. These activities are the first item on the agenda for the “Impact Entrepreneur” program, which has a role in providing assistance for selected Unpad Bidikmisi students.

One of the driving forces of the “Impact Entrepreneur” program, Dr. Dwi Purnomo, said that this program applies the skill-based curriculum from “the 21st Century Essential Skills” to support learning and student activities at Unpad. It uses various programs as a baseline to measure skill mastery.

“Hopefully with this, we can clearly see if students want to play a role in the future, or as the program calls it, ‘The New You,’” said Dr. Dwi in the release received by the Unpad Public Communication Office.

Dr. Dwi explained that not many universities apply this curriculum concept. In fact, this curriculum is the key to unlocking the potential of each individual to be able to be work at their maximum capacity. Academic ability will follow suit.

“This activity is a trial of how to organize transformative learning activities that involve good collaboration networks to reach goals, namely to create distinguished graduates. The Impact Entrepreneur curriculum is designed with a transformative learning approach that focuses on developing human capacity through learning various future skills such as 21st Century Essentials Skills,” said Dr. Dwi.

The CEO of Sacita Muda Unpad, Salamun Taofik, said that this training camp was the beginning of a series of strengthening 21st Century Essential Skills for Unpad Bidikmisi students. The first four months will be devoted to basic abilities, such as TOEFL / IELTS capability, academic literacy, mastery of learning tools, information technology, communication and other skills, including entrepreneurial abilities. *


Rilis / am | Translated by Shabrina M.